How to change MAC address in Linux

Before showing you how to change the MAC address in Linux, let's first discuss why it should be changed. There may be several reasons. Maybe you don't want to expose your actual MAC address (also known as a physical address) on a public network? It is also possible that the network administrator has blocked specific MAC addresses in the router […]

Raspberry Pi Imager: An official tool helps you make bootable SD card

Recently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a new Raspberry Pi Imager tool that can easily write ISO images to an SD card to facilitate installation and startup on the Raspberry Pi motherboard. It is reported that this open source mirroring tool has been applied to Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems, greatly reducing the threshold for new users. After downloading and […]

Five Chrome plugins to help you read the code on GitHub

Github is an open source project hosting platform used by many students and Internet / IT practitioners. It provides a lot of high-quality projects and gadgets. However, it also has its own shortcomings, that is, it is very inconvenient to read and view the project. This article introduces 5 Google Chrome plug-ins that can improve the Github experience. No matter […]

USB 3.0 HUB based on TUSB8041

This design has undergone two iterations of physical verification. Except for the OTP function that is not open to the outside world, the other functions of the TUSB8041 are fully realized. Its functions include: Implemented USB 3.0 hub function, backward compatible with USB 2.0 link Implement four USB-A female downstream ports and one USB-B female upstream port to transmit data […]