Windows 10 Key: Upgrade your computer to Win 10 Pro

Hi guys, Here are three windows 10 keys. You can use them to upgrade your computer to windows 10 pro or just activate your windows 10 pro. Here are the keys: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T 4N7JM-CV98F-WY9XX-9D8CF-369TT FMPND-XFTD4-67FJC-HDR8C-3YH26

Raspberry Pi Image Search: Using Tensorflow Lite

image-search-raspberry-pi This is an online image search platform running on the Raspberry Pi via Object detection through Tensorflow lite. It can be used as follows: [x] Search image via URL link [x] Search image via upload an image Requirements numpy==1.16.2 Flask>=1.0.0 requests==2.22.0 Pillow>=6.2.0 Google Edge TPU or Tensorflow Lite (Follow the instructions here), or you can find in my bolg. […]

Basic knowledge of Python

Python is a computer programming language. Computer programming languages are different from the natural languages we use every day. The biggest difference is that natural languages have different understandings in different contexts. For a computer to perform tasks according to a programming language, it must ensure that the program written by the programming language is not ambiguous. Therefore, any programming […]