How to change password on Linux

It's quite simple if you want to change your password on Linux. After you log in to the server, you can use the command below to modify your password: passwd After that command, type the password twice (each time with enter, and the password in Linux will not show up on screen). If you are root user, you can also […]

How to change SSH port on Linux

Open the SSH config file: sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config find the line with default port 22. In vim normal-mode (once you opened the vim, it is under normal-mode), find 22, and change it to the port that you want. Remember, don't use the common port, use the port number from 10000~60000. After that, save the file. and restart the ssh service. […]

Google released three apps to help you quit mobile phone addiction

In Android 10, Google added a number of functions at the system level to help users actively control mobile phone usage habits; such as Focus Mode and the Family Link app, which makes it easy for parents to check the time spent on their children ’s phones. In 2019, Google also launched five apps to help users put down their […]