USB 3.0 HUB based on TUSB8041

This design has undergone two iterations of physical verification. Except for the OTP function that is not open to the outside world, the other functions of the TUSB8041 are fully realized. Its functions include: Implemented USB 3.0 hub function, backward compatible with USB 2.0 link Implement four USB-A female downstream ports and one USB-B female upstream port to transmit data […]

VulKan is now available on Raspberry Pi

Recently, raspberry pi 4 officially supported the ValKan. You can see the VulKan dynamics libraries in the usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/: If you use the command ls -la, you wil find that is a link, which links to the That is to say that the latest version of Raspbian (based on Debian Buster) supports the vulKan 1.1.97. The raspberry […]

Raspberry Pi Image Search: Using Tensorflow Lite

image-search-raspberry-pi This is an online image search platform running on the Raspberry Pi via Object detection through Tensorflow lite. It can be used as follows: [x] Search image via URL link [x] Search image via upload an image Requirements numpy==1.16.2 Flask>=1.0.0 requests==2.22.0 Pillow>=6.2.0 Google Edge TPU or Tensorflow Lite (Follow the instructions here), or you can find in my bolg. […]