Basic knowledge of Python

Python is a computer programming language. Computer programming languages are different from the natural languages we use every day. The biggest difference is that natural languages have different understandings in different contexts. For a computer to perform tasks according to a programming language, it must ensure that the program written by the programming language is... » read more

The first Python Program

Before Start Before writing the first Python program, let's review what is the command line mode and the Python interactive mode. Command line mode Select "Command Prompt" from the Windows Start menu to enter the command line mode. Its prompt is similar to C: >: Interactive mode Type the command python in the command line... » read more

Python Interperter

Why we need Python interpreter? When we write Python code, we get a text file with the .py extension containing the Python code. To run the code, you need a Python interpreter to execute the .py file. Because the entire Python language is open source from the specification to the interpreter. So in theory, as... » read more

How to install Python

Introduction Python is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Mac and various Linux / Unix systems. Writing Python programs on Windows can also run on Linux. Install Python 3.8 Currently, there are two versions of Python, one is the 2.x version and the other is the 3.x version. These two versions are not compatible.... » read more