Raspberry Pi Imager: An official tool helps you make bootable SD card

Recently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a new Raspberry Pi Imager tool that can easily write ISO images to an SD card to facilitate installation and startup on the Raspberry Pi motherboard. It is reported that this open source mirroring tool has been applied to Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems, greatly reducing the threshold for new users. After downloading and […]

VulKan is now available on Raspberry Pi

Recently, raspberry pi 4 officially supported the ValKan. You can see the VulKan dynamics libraries in the usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/: libvulkan.so.1 libvulkan.so.1.1.97 If you use the command ls -la, you wil find that libvulkan.so.1 is a link, which links to the libvulkan.so.1.1.97. That is to say that the latest version of Raspbian (based on Debian Buster) supports the vulKan 1.1.97. The raspberry […]