How to build a wordpress blog with LNMP (LEMP) on Raspberry Pi

Nginx, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, which is often referred to as the LNMP suite, but here MySQL is replaced with a newer version of MariaDB on the Raspberry Pi. The following is the detailed process of installing LNMP on the Raspberry Pi. Install Nginx sudo apt-get install nginx-light Install PHP7.3 sudo apt-get install php7.3-fpm Configure Nginx The default location of the […]

PiShrink: Make Raspberry Pi images smaller

If you have a Raspberry Pi, you may need to know a bash script called PiShrink, which makes the Raspberry Pi image smaller. PiShrink will automatically shrink the image and then resize it to the maximum size of the SD card at startup. This will copy the image to the SD card faster, while the smaller image will be better […]

Digital Raspberry Pi LED Thermometer

Today I will introduce a interesting LED thermometer. It can automatically Cycle through the list of cities and show the temperature on the OLED display and LED strip. You can also use the buttons on the side to manually select the cities to display. It will turn into inactive mode if there's no action in few minutes, and turn off […]

VulKan is now available on Raspberry Pi

Recently, raspberry pi 4 officially supported the ValKan. You can see the VulKan dynamics libraries in the usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/: If you use the command ls -la, you wil find that is a link, which links to the That is to say that the latest version of Raspbian (based on Debian Buster) supports the vulKan 1.1.97. The raspberry […]

A way to play steam games on Raspberry Pi

Valve recently released the Steam Link App, which can run games on mobile devices with more powerful machines, while streaming video to mobile devices. Even better, Steam Link (beta) also supports Raspberry Pi! The principle of Steam Link is to use WiFi network to stream the computer screen to the Raspberry Pi, and the connected gamepad on the Raspberry Pi […]

RaspAP: Easy way to deploy wireless AP on Raspberry Pi

RaspAP is a software solution that can easily deploy the Raspberry Pi as a wireless AP (Access Point). It has a set of responsive WebUI to control WiFi, which is as convenient as a home router. RaspAP can run on Raspbian. You only need to install the Raspbian system for Raspberry Pi first, and then you can easily complete the […]

A easy way to read data from DHT11 on Raspberry Pi

Introduction DHT11 is a commonly used temperature and humidity sensor, but it is not easy to read on the Raspberry Pi. In the examples, most of them are analyzed by libraries or read signal pins directly. Although these methods are effective, they are not simple and convenient. The official Raspberry Pi system comes with a simple method that can easily […]

Raspberry Pi Image Search: Using Tensorflow Lite

image-search-raspberry-pi This is an online image search platform running on the Raspberry Pi via Object detection through Tensorflow lite. It can be used as follows: [x] Search image via URL link [x] Search image via upload an image Requirements numpy==1.16.2 Flask>=1.0.0 requests==2.22.0 Pillow>=6.2.0 Google Edge TPU or Tensorflow Lite (Follow the instructions here), or you can find in my bolg. […]

Tutorial to set up TensorFlow Object Detection API on the Raspberry Pi

Tutorial to set up TensorFlow Object Detection API on the Raspberry Pi Update 10/13/19: Setting up the TensorFlow Object Detection API on the Pi is much easier now! Two major updates: 1) TensorFlow can be installed simply using "pip3 install tensorflow". 2) The protobuf compiler (protoc) can be installed using "sudo apt-get protobuf-compiler. I have updated Step 3 and Step […]

Building TensorFlow for Raspberry Pi: a Step-By-Step Guide

Building TensorFlow for Raspberry Pi: a Step-By-Step Guide Back to readme What You Need Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 Model B An SD card running Raspbian with several GB of free space An 8 GB card with a fresh install of Raspbian does not have enough space. A 16 GB SD card minimum is recommended. These instructions may work on […]