Google has applied to the US Government for cooperation with Huawei

Huawei will build a mobile service ecosystem-HMS alone. Google is anxious now. According to Gsmarena, Google has submitted an application to the US government, hoping to be allowed to provide Huawei with GMS mobile services. According to the report, Google's Android and Google Play Vice President Samir Sammat has already begun action. Prior to this, Microsoft has resumed its cooperation […]

A pioneer falls: Burt Sutherland dies

The day after the copy-paste inventor Larry Tysler left, on February 18, Burt Sutherland, another scientist at Xerox PARC Labs, died at the age of 83. Maybe you are not very familiar with this name, but all his contributions have influenced modern civilization: Personal computers, microprocessor technology, SmallTalk programming language, Java programming language, and even the Internet. Computer Labs Leader […]