This blog is based on How to install LAMP/LNMP on rock64 with aapanel. So, in order to install pi dashboard successfully, you need to install a web server with PHP support first.

What is Pi Dashboard?

Pi Dashboard (Pi Dashboard) is an open source IoT device monitoring tool. At present, it is mainly targeted at the Raspberry Pi platform, and it is compatible with other hardware products which are similar to Raspberry Pi. You only need to install the PHP server environment on the Raspberry Pi, and you can easily deploy a Pi dashboard, and monitor the status of the Raspberry Pi through the cool WebUI!

What can be measured?

  • CPU info, status and usage, etc.
  • RAM, cache and swap usage
  • TF card usage
  • Real time workload
  • Real time number of threads
  • Real time data from the network interface
  • IP address, up time, OS and Host information

Preview of Pi Dashboard

How to install?

Like shown in the blog How to install LAMP/LNMP on rock64 with aapanel, now we can create a new site in the aapanel, for example, with rock64's IP address. Here we don't need the ftp and database.
After doing that, we can access the folder, like:

# we need the permit to access the folder, because now it's owner is www
cd /www/wwwroot/rock64_IP

and, we can get the file needed with git:

git clone
cp -R Pi-Utility .
chmod -R 777 .

Now, you can access the pi dashboard by typing the rock_64's IP in the browser.

Last modified: February 13, 2020



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