Markdeep is a plugin for writing plain text. It can print plain text in Markdown syntax and rendering mode and display it on web pages. At the same time, in addition to Markdown syntax, Markdeep also supports expansion capabilities such as charts and mathematical equations.

Project Home:

Let's first look at the effect, as shown below is the editing page of the plain text editor on the left, and the rendering effect on the browser on the right:

Markdeep is very easy to use and it does not require plug-ins or networking. As shown above, as long as the following expression is added to the end of the plain text, it can become an authentic Markdown editor. Markdeep doesn't require anything extra to be installed, and does not require any complicated processes such as exporting and compiling.

<!-- Markdeep: --><style class="fallback">body{visibility:hidden;white-space:pre;font-family:monospace}</style><script src="markdeep.min.js"></script><script src=""></script><script>window.alreadyProcessedMarkdeep||("visible")</script>

Looking at Markdeep is simple, but it has a lot of features, not inferior to orthodox Markdown editors such as Typora. Whether we are writing a project's README document, an experiment report, or a PPT or a dissertation, it will satisfy. This project provides many examples, such as what the generated PPT looks like, which will be shown later in detail.

open source code

Markdeep is open source, so you can download and modify the source code file markdeep.js directly. The entire editor is a JavaScript script that defines various formats and rendering methods. The author states that he is currently studying how to effectively reduce the script file size.

The author stated that this project was originally an amateur project and it would not have full technical support. But as long as the submitted bug is sufficiently specific, the author will perfect it. In addition, the project will often add some new features, from the first version in October 2015 to the latest version in February this year, this editor has been maintained for a long time.

How to use Markdeep

If you need to create a Markdeep file, just open any text editor and start editing. When you're done editing the text, just write a simple code at the bottom of it. Then, save this document as a plain text file, using the .md.html extension.

<!-- Markdeep: --><style class="fallback">body{visibility:hidden;white-space:pre;font-family:monospace}</style><script src="markdeep.min.js" charset="utf-8"></script><script src="" charset="utf-8"></script><script>window.alreadyProcessedMarkdeep||("visible")</script>

If you want to use Unicode in the source document, you need to add this sentence at the top of the document:

<meta charset="utf-8">

Want to see the effect? You can drag the text into the browser or double-click it. Documents can be consulted even when the network is offline. If you don't want to lose formatting because you are offline, you can save the markdeep.min.js file and documents in a folder.

If you want to see the original Markdeep text, just add "?noformat" to the end of the file URL.

Getting started example

I casually tested a few typical Markdown syntaxes, such as: to-do list, auto link, table, inline picture, code. At the same time, LaTeX's mathematical expressions and graphics can be designed directly without the need for any plug-ins. The effect can refer to:

In short, it's easy and convenient for anyone familiar with Markdown. This means that in the presence of the Internet, after you open a text editor at will, no one can stop you from using Markdown. At the same time, always previewing the effect is very simple. You only need to modify it in a text editor and refresh it in the browser to present the latest effect.

What Markdeep can do

As long as it is supported by Markdown, Markdeep can support it, and it can be widely used in industry and academia. As shown below, documents of various topics and formats can be completed with Markdeep:

  • API documentation
  • syllabus
  • Game design file
  • homework
  • Course PPT
  • Software Library Website
  • personal blog
  • resume
  • paper

It seems Markdeep can do everything, and the project author has also shown the renderings of these aspects:

In short, in addition to being easy to use and showing cool, Markdeep's features are also very powerful. As emphasized by other developers, Markdeep is a Markdown tool capable of making simple charts. It uses "ASCII Art" to make graphics from plain text, and it is very clear without rendering.

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