Short breaks are important for maintaining productivity. One of my favorite places to go during my break is Reddit, which might be a great resource if you want to. There I found various articles about DevOps, productivity, Emacs, chicken, and ChromeOS projects. These discussions can be valuable. I also paid attention to some daughter boards with only pictures of animals, because I like pictures of animals (not just chickens), and sometimes after long work, what I really need is pictures of kittens.

When I read Reddit (not just looking at pictures of baby animals), I used Tuir (Reddit terminal UI). Tuir is a full-featured Reddit client that runs on any system running Python. The installation is done via pip and is very simple.

pip install tuir

When running for the first time, Tuir enters the list of Reddit default articles. There are bars at the top and bottom of the screen that list different commands. The top bar shows your position on Reddit, and the second line shows commands filtered by categories such as Reddit "Hot / New / Controversial". Press the number in front of the filter to trigger the filter.

You can use the arrow keys or j, k, h, and l keys to browse the list, which is the same key used by Vi / Vim. The bottom bar has commands for applying navigation. If you want to jump to another subreddit, just press / to open the prompt and enter the name of the subreddit you want to enter.

Something is inaccessible unless you log in. If you try to do something that requires a login, Tuir will prompt you, such as posting a new article (c) or agreeing / disagreeing (a and z). To log in, press u. This will open a browser to log in via OAuth2 and Tuir will save the token. After that, your username should appear at the top right of the screen.

Tuir can also open a browser to view images, load links, and more. With a slight adjustment, it even displays images in the terminal (though I didn't make it work).

Overall, I'm satisfied that Tuir can quickly keep up with Reddit when I need a break.

Tuir is one of the two forks of RTV that is now obsolete. The other is TTRV, which cannot be installed via pip but has the same functionality. I look forward to seeing them stand out over time.

Last modified: February 13, 2020



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